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    Physician Testimonials

    Cardiologist, Antioch, CA
    “Sutter Community Connect is more than just an EHR, it is an ally for patient care. I encourage physicians to look at the Epic-powered Sutter EHR as an added advantage to their practice. The Sutter EHR connects all the dots: improves patient care, interoperability, patient satisfaction, cash flow, integration, and I come out as a better doctor at the end of the day because of it. When patients ask for a prescription it’s a click of a button to quickly send to their pharmacy for pickup, labs don’t get lost, and you don’t have to worry about misfiling. It’s the right thing to do, especially in today’s age. Now that I have the Sutter EHR, I wouldn’t go back to paper. Epic is being used in this local area, and Sutter is a big provider. Together, it enables providers to access labs, pharmacy records, and patient charts in one place for improved patient care.”

    Podiatrist, San Mateo, CA
    “I have been using the Sutter Community Connect (SCC) EHR for nearly 4 years and can say this integrated EHR has truly transformed the way I practice. Just by virtue of being an SCC user, other providers can see - in a facilitated manner - the care I am providing to their patients. Furthermore, the fully integrated nature of the SCC product allows me to be in the patient's full medical record at the time of the visit, giving me access to their entire health profile in real time. The power of SCC means the latest features and technologies are already imbedded within the EHR, and updates are added frequently. I love using SCC, it is a game changer and I can’t imagine going back to the old way of practice.”

    Robert Peabody, Jr., M.D.
    Ophthalmology, Sacramento, CA
    "The value [of Sutter Community Connect] comes with how it integrates you and allows you to coordinate care and better inform your patients. That's the value."

    Elisa E. Horta, M.D., M.P.H.
    Family Medicine
    "If my patient were to go to the Sutter Urgent Care, I would know exactly what happened; what medications were prescribed, what the diagnosis was, etc. When my patient comes back to follow up, I have all that information; it's all there."

    Bernard Steyer, M.D., M.P.H.
    Pulmonologist, Critical Care Specialist
    "[My patients] think it is so important that I can access the visits they've had with their other doctors almost immediately. This is very important to my patients. Way more important that I thought it ever would be."

    Thomas W. Hopkins, M.D.
    Internal Medicine, Sutter Independent Physicians

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    Internal Medicine, Carmichael, CA
    "Realizing that my EHR selection will have the biggest technology impact on my practice, I had to make the best possible informed decision. I was looking for a complete solution that includes practice management, EMR, educational materials, e-prescribing, remote access, hand held support, billing and a great support team…etc. After long meticulous research for the right EHR, I have to say that EPIC/SCC was the best option for my practice. My experience with the SCC staff has been outstanding from implementation to ongoing support. They are easy to approach and work with."